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With all due respect would the two of you give it a rest.  Just agree to disagree for crying out loud.

11 Sep 2017

When my Wife and I signed up at the Barton Surgery we were assigned a particular doctor. On our first visit we arrived some 15 minuets before our appt. then we waited another hour. When we were called in to the consulting room the doctor who I will not mention told my wife and I we had five minuets to explain our problems as the doctor was running late so be quick. That's what we were told, ...

New golf course.
7 Aug 2017

It would appear that we have a new golf course in Dawlish. Yesterday Sunday about 5pm Four drunks and smackheads attempting to play golf on the Lawns here in Dawlish. They were wacking the golf ball all over the place endangering people and kids walking on or around the Lawn. At one point it was amusing to watch one of them taking nine swings to hit the ball and when he did manage to hit it a ...

I agree DEE. This is a town that has no Law and certainly no order. Smackheads and drunks just go about their daily business each and every day in public places with impunity. Calling 101 is, as you say in this country "not fit for purpose"

Lynne, can't have it where the piazza is as you will need the approval from the smackheads and drunks.  And they have the approval from the police and Teignbridge council to be there.

Ziggy, why don't you post them to the Council?

9 Jul 2017

You all have the contact emails to report. Send your complaints in folks.

Vicks, the infomation above is correct I have already had email from Mr Ross. Just so you know that all the calls to the 101 number is logged and the police read them the next morning. We have an opportunity to really raise our concerns here in Dawlish, so get sending those emails. By the way Vicks I have an account with the 101 number they know me by name as I call a lot and I like to listen to ...

7 Jul 2017

Where it's good to have a forum where you can vent and get it of your chest and i suppose it helps somewhat but the problem is still here and will be unless you take my advice on the other thread of who to contact. Send those emails don't just talk about it do something. Our only two PCSO's go off duty at 10pm. The happy hut group started forming at 9am this morning and has grown by ...

They report that crime numbers are down. Why and how is that is it because they do not report or arrest these people. You can make up any numbers you want but it's not factual. We the residents of Dawlish see it all the time and to some degree we feel immune but to a tourist it must stand out more to them. I have started my own campaign of sending emails to the relevent enforcement people and i ...