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Where it's good to have a forum where you can vent and get it of your chest and i suppose it helps somewhat but the problem is still here and will be unless you take my advice on the other thread of who to contact. Send those emails don't just talk about it do something. Our only two PCSO's go off duty at 10pm. The happy hut group started forming at 9am this morning and has grown by ...

This is just hearsay. I was told by a qualfied source, states that the local Dawlish Council say that having a police vehicle parked on the lawn gives a wrong impression to tourists.  I'm really amazed how this country is run doesn't matter if it's Conservatives or Labour. These little enclaves like Dawlish there is no law and certainly no order. Noboby in authority couldn't care less, we have no ...

14 Jun 2017

From my vantage point i can see and hear most of what goes on at the bottom of the Strand. I have witnessed shoplifting from the co-op on a grand scale walk in walk out with something of course mostly booze it is a regular thing. The other night the co-op was burgled. They had forced open the exit doors and made of with who knows what. I was asked by the local police if i had seen or heard ...

I haven't posted for some time as most members stick to the rules. Most of the time it's like kids insulting one another and you are right webmaster and i agree with you. The last time i posted was on the dog poop in this town it's out of hand but it seems nothing can be done or nobody cares about it, in fact i had very few replies when i posted about it. Hope your warning webmaster holds and you ...

Dog poop
10 May 2017

I haven't owned a dog for fifty years so i never took a great deal of notice of the amount of dog poop that is all over this town, on the lawn, on the pavements, and pretty much everywhere. Whenever i go out with my dog i always make sure i have doggie bags. Even if my dog does poop on the Lawn and i have forgotten a bag, back i will come home get one and go out and pick it up. For the past two ...

This is the work of kids but you will never get to know who they are even if caught, and what would their punisment be, you guessed it a slap on the wrist and don't do it again. There names will never be disclosed. As I said in another post, parents do you know where your kids are. Most nights they are down here near the tourist office trying to set light to the foliage.

Operation Stack
31 Dec 2016

They may not get empted claiming they are not allowed to lift one to get to another.

28 Dec 2016

I"m curious does anybody in the town have to put up with ASB? And for any parents reading this do you know where your teenage kids are during the night time hours? The new protection order has had some effect with the druggies and dopeheads, but now it appears there is another issue with teenagers hanging out around the happy hut area.

4 Dec 2016

News South West did an interview during the week with the Dawlish Mayor and it was shown today on the Sunday politics show. Torbay want to introduce a similar scheme like the protection order now in place in Dawlish. However most of the show talked about the homeless. Yes, people are homeless and sometimes through no fault of their own. There are shelters that these people can go to, but they ...

Trump vs Hillary
9 Nov 2016

I sent in my absentee ballot for Clinton. Well it's done now, me, not being a bad loser will have to wait and see what the new ( POTUS ) will bring for the US and the World. There have been a number of non-politician Presidents over the years in history Google ( Non- Politician Presidents ) if you are interested. It would be a nice gesture if Trump would donate his salary to charity with being a ...

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