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CO2 / greenhouse gases are needed, otherwise we'd all be freezing. Impossible to measure sea levels, so attributing sea level rise to humans isn't possible. Conclusion, there is no evidence of climate change caused by humans.

3 May 2019

According to the NASA graph the CO2 level has gone up a minute amount since the same time as using direct measurement instead of ice core analysis. And where is the CO2 measurement taken? On top of a CO2 belching volcano. So now we all know climate change really isn't happening.

Just seen Vince Cable on the BBC saying the result shows that people have changed their minds and now want to remain in the EU.

CO2 is good for the environment anyway. That's why we add it to greenhouses all over the country.

2 May 2019 'The UK should lead the global fight against climate change by cutting greenhouse gases to nearly zero by 2050, a report says.' Our emissions are a drop in the ocean compared to China. Why should we even bother?

Payback day
2 May 2019

"We are leaving the eu on the 29th of March with or without a deal" - Theresa May. Conservatives, Labour and Lib dem are all liars. They have all gone against the people and most likely always have. I've always voted Tory, however, I'm off to the polling station to vote UKIP. No way, we should put up with the same old rubbish. VOTE UKIP

I'm voting Brexit / UKIP. The other parties are all liars.

Liars caught on video.


Yep. May has sacrificed the Tory party. If the Tory has any chance of survival it must remove it's worst enemy.