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Paul's Posts

I can't please all the people all the time.

10 May 2018

North Korea summit: Trump greets freed American detainees More proof that Mr Trump is a great President.

9 May 2018

The Iran deal was too lenient. Trump is right to pull out. Iran is bad news.

PICS 03 05 2018
4 May 2018

Excellent photography. Many thanks for sharing. Just shows what a lovely place Dawlish is and how lucky we are.

The Stars & Stripes
27 Apr 2018

Yep. Let's leave at this. The facts. Trump has fixed the North Korea problem. Fact. Also no evidence to back up any of your claims. Fact.

27 Apr 2018

Trump was the only one that had the guts to deal with North Korea. Now thanks to Trump it has been sorted. Fact. @Scapegoat , where is the evidence for your claims? @Dawlish transplant , no one is perfect, nothing wrong with praising someone on a job well done. your voting system, i can't help you with. the phrases i have used are just real, 'pc' is stupid and a waste of time. ...

26 Apr 2018

@Calamari , how do you know that? have you met him?

26 Apr 2018

Yes, I'm very glad Mr. Trump is coming. I don't see why so many slag Mr. Trump off without ANY evidence to back it up. Donald Trump is a very successful person, a great leader and a true friend to The United Kingdom. He is clearly a nice person and deserves respect.

23 Apr 2018

Is any of that relevant? As long as Kim doesn't have weapons he can use against us and our friends then job done.

23 Apr 2018

@DC24601 , you are correct. where my original post says men it should say people. i'm sorry for that and apologise. @monty , pansy = useless, waste of space, head in the clouds, lazy, etc. Why do you call Mr. Trump a moron? He has fixed the North Korea problem where others had failed.