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Carnival Week
14 Aug 2016

Sorry. I can't remember anything. Here is a photo of the big blue thing where the race took place.

14 Aug 2016

Watching the raft race was fun. Well, what I can remember of it anyway!

Well he/she better move on, we don't want the Red Arrows cancelled.

Still Empty
31 Jul 2016

Braking wind in the toilets, how fitting.

Trump is a strong character, which is far better than some useless wimpy liberal. Leaders need to be tough at times. Also I don't see anything wrong with NOT being pc, speaking the truth is far better.

A report button shows when your mouse goes in a post. I didn't see what any of these posts said, must have been rude I guess.

22 Jul 2016

Haven't been to Coryton Cove for ages. Is that cafe still there or has it gone?

Also, Donald is a down to earth straight talking bloke. Someone you can trust.

22 Jul 2016

He just wants to protect his citizens, nothing wrong with that. No point having a weak leader. Our last strong Prime Minister was Margeret Thatcher. Theresa could be similar which is exactly what we need.

22 Jul 2016 Donald Trump should have no problem winning over Hillary Clinton in the race for the White House. Great to have a strong US President.

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