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I went in one of the two phone boxes near the Marine Tavern a few weeks ago, I got a face full of cobwebs. Clearly they aren't used much. Nice to keep the traditional red one at the bottom of Queen Street. Angry because he is in prison for life. He should have killed some people since he has done the time. Zoos are vile and should be banned.

Who spilt the bleach?

I'd just received my actually tax refund (back in July) in the post then a few days later I received the same email as above. It had a link to a web page to fill in your bank account details and looked very genuine. The Government / TPS / MPS / ombudsman / whoever should do something about all this scamming. All we got was that VERY annoying cookie warning. All browsers have had the option ...

Yeah too right, I would have left asap. Good riddance.

25 Sep 2016

Well yep, as usual it's all a complete farce. Just a waste of paper, really.

25 Sep 2016

The United Kingdom voted to leave The EU, however our useless weak government have to wait until after the US election. So we have another pathetic weak government just like Cameron. Well done Jeremy! As a Tory Voter this is fantastic news.

Why are the swings and seesaw in the water?

Thanks for the advice. I'll do that from now on.

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