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@Carer , what's your point?

Who are the rude ar$eholes outside the polling station near the high school?

Cannot let Labour or the Libs wreck the economy. Vote Conservative for a bright future.

Cheer up dudes, not long now til we can all celebrate a Tory landslide victory.

Yes, I've posted real reasons why you should vote for the Conservatives and why Labour is nothing more than a joke. The voting system could be better, but never mind that now, t he general election is tomorrow. Let's make sure the Conservatives have a big majority so we have a bright future ahead of us.

7 Jun 2017

@Lynne , do you have anything real to add?

7 Jun 2017

@DEEDOODLE , i agree with that. out of the lot the tories are the only ones i can vote for, but i'd much rather vote for a team of genuine people that aren't a bunch of unskilled bickering talkers, that can never answer a simple question. Why can't we have a team of Professors, Nurses, Teachers, Army Generals, Business leaders, Community Workers and ordinary people, etc lead the country doing ...

7 Jun 2017

A vote for the Conservatives and Theresa May is the right vote, Labour, Liberals and the rest of them are clueless, useless and dangerous. It simply isn't worth the risk with our country's future. Defence - We need a strong defence to counter the likes of North Korea. Labour's defence policy seems to be non existent. It is unrealistic to think you can use talk to take on all aggressors, ...

@Andrew , yes sorry, everything you say is correct, everyone else is wrong. My thoughts are - remove the bad, help the good. Simple!

26 May 2017

So the simple answer is kill ALL the bad guys and then help the descent people left to build prosperous lives.

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