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@Indy Ref ".... Better to consult and campaign for what a community actually wants, rather than getting a community to agree to what a minority wanted...". Like in Scotland and N. Ireland ? ROFL!!

@Indy Scot I really couldn't care less about the political compass of the Labour Party. I call Corbyn a traitor because I was in N.Ireland in the early to mid-eighties when he threw his support behind a continuation of violence by Republican terrorists (as did McDonnell) thereby causing more dead and injured members of the UK security forces. We believed that our job was to ...

30 Apr 2017

okay, so who are you looking to bring into power @Indy Scot ? There's no SNP down here which I assume by your name you would want to vote for. The LibDems are no hopers in your view. The Tories are in league with the anti-Christ. The Greens........well! So that just leaves Labour and the traitor Corbyn?

Why are austerity measures being implemented? Is it because Merkel demanded it in the EU? Is it because there is no money left in the UK Treasury to pay for everything we want? Serious question as I have no idea.

I volunteered to assist with this event and have therefore had sight of them. I imagine they have been released early due to the Bank Holiday.

Clean air
29 Apr 2017

To me a car is purely a tool - albeit an expensive one!

Bulpin was part of the 'steering group' if not the 'working party':

29 Apr 2017

I see that Andrew Bulpin (Leadstone Camping) and one other business (not sure if it's come from the business or a rogue individual) have put in representations to prevent a local charity from holding a fund raiser. Bulpin is the Secretary of the Warren Tourism Group and also on the Dawlish Neighbourhood Plan set up. Neither live in Dawlish or the Warren! Good job guys - just the kind of ...

Clean air
29 Apr 2017

The problem is that under any other system than 'First Past The Post' is that it is unlikely than any Govt would have a majority in the House. Therefore bugger all gets done! BTW I've just bought a new (never had one before) diesel car (ordered before all this hit the headlines); it does 58 mpg urban and 60+ dual. It has a 1500cc engine. Am I really polluting more than some of these ...

General Election
24 Apr 2017

It's the honey bee I'm most concerned about. What if apiarists are banned from wearing a veil????