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Dawlish News

A bit harsh! Treatment and rehab' not an option then? After all 'dead' is pretty final!

24 Jul 2013

I've seen the same people out 'Trick or Treating' on Halloween! If that's not intimidation I don't know what is!!!

Maybe. No idea really - this is the first time I'd heard that they needed marshalls.

18 Jul 2013

I'll volunteer to marshall it for one. I know more about this kind of work than those running the 'qualification' course I suspect! Anyone else up for it - after all it's just one evening!

Red Rock and Rubbish
18 Jul 2013

Was the rubbish coming from the cafe? If so they need their own commercial bins - not included in business rates.

A week ago I would have agreed and I still think they're great. However, on Tuesday we had a known cardiac patient in difficulties and it took 40 very worrying minutes! Have to give a black mark there I'm afraid.

There are also similar units planned for the area around the Morrison's development at Broadmeadow. We all know that TDC loves Teignmouth (Jewel of the Southwest etc). I guarantee those units will be built and filled before the Shutterton units have a sod shifted. Coincidence? - there's no room for two McDonalds, KFCs, Motor Factors etc in the area - I think not.

4 Jan 2013

It always amazes me how many people move to Dawlish.........and then whinge about it!

Honesty In Dawlish
4 Jan 2013

Most people are honest. However, I found a £20 note outside the Carlton Theatre in Teignmouth and handed it in just before Teignmouth Police Station closed. I was told to pick it up at N. Abbot Police Station as it hadn't been claimed and there was now no Pol Stn in Teignmouth (none of which - i.e. that the time had expired or that T'mouth police station had closed I had been info'd about). ...

Brilliant!!! The community at its best. Well done to all involved.

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