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the snooky fest
13 Sep 2018

Sigh....... I feel I have to respond to Ol' Lady Biker's comment even though I didn't want to. 1. Snooky Fest is organised by 5 people (none of whom are paid). 2. The event on the day is run by (primarily) family & friends - I assume you're talking about the Marshals, Gate Staff here - who volunteer their time to do it - and seem to enjoy doing so (obviously they don't pay for ...

6 Sep 2018

I'm not sure who's trolling who here anymore! Time I left again.

1 Sep 2018

Thanks DM. It takes a fair bit of time to organise SF. We also have to wait for some organisations to do their final accounts for the year before they chip in. We'd love to say how much was raised immediately but the truth is that we don't know until the traders donations are in. Hopefully everyone had a good time this year and with continuing local support we can do it again next ...

1 Sep 2018

@mobeen @Calamari See above for " announcement in the local paper thanking everybody for their support with the amount raised as well." It takes months for all of the concessions to pay in their donations so no final figure is available yet for SF2018.

@Scapegoat . well you've had an hour to respond to my 19:44 post and haven't bothered. You are obviously just another keyboard warrior who hides behind your pseudonym. You, and others on this forum, demonstrate a level of hatred of your fellow man, based on your political views, that I cannot concieve and cannot pretend to understand. It is you, and those like you, who are the bigots. ...

9 Jun 2017

@Scapegoat What did I say to deserve that???? I made a joke....,.admittedly not a very good one....,but come on!!!

9 Jun 2017

One thing we did learn from this election? Diane Abbott.........really good at Hide & Seek.

I wonder if Jeremy now regrets only talking to Republican terrorists on his 'Peace Campaign' in N.Ireland. Karma's a bitch isn't it JC.

Okay - This is getting ridiculous! I'll ask you just one more question - whatever you answer I will do. You have my word. Q: Do you want me to leave this forum? A: Yes or No

8 Jun 2017

You just can't leave it alone can you? I've no idea what I've done to get under your skin so badly. I'll continue to respond to posts as I always have.

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