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No idea - I don't know very much about Care Homes.

2 May 2020

Care Homes and Social Care Companies are not being 'given' PPE. All the Government are doing is sourcing it for them - the companies still have to pay for it. There is something called the National Disruption Centre which distributes the kit but if a business falls outside of that help then they must source PPE from whereever they can and at whatever cost. e.g. Mediworld in London are ...

1 May 2020

...but admitted (finally!) by the left wing, uber Labour Party supporting, BBC, was it not? Thought we were talking about PPE? Why the sudden switch to Care Homes?

30 Apr 2020

Why have we no longer got the capability to produce our own PPE? EU Procurement Regulations is the simple answer!

9 Apr 2020

I read a stat somewhere that the probable infection rate in the UK is about 1000 times the number of fatalities. That would indicate that circa 7,000,000 people in the UK are infected....and I'm still hearing people saying 1. There is no coronavirus in Dawlish and 2. There is no coronavirus in Devon! People need to get real and do what they're being told to do...particularly the morons ...

Seems to me that some people have 'panic bought' PPE - desperately needed elsewhere - and are now trying to justify what they have done. Don't you regret anything, put it down to experience, learn from it and maybe you'll do better next time.

28 Mar 2020

From 'Nancy Andrews' (a NHS Nurse); posted on Facebook: Sorry if I lose of any of you, but I need to get this off my chest. Your gloves and masks you’re wearing to the grocery store? Not going to help you. In fact, likely to do more harm. Here’s why: 1. As soon as you touch anything with your gloves they’re contaminated. Seriously. Grocery cart? That’s on your gloves. Touch your gloves to a ...

@Ziggy Most of your post has been debunked and it just false news.

Do your research. Masks are useless, unless in a clinical situation, for those who have no symptoms. So essentially you are using up resources needed for those who have the disease where masks can be useful.. A runny nose indicates a cold or seasonal flu not coronavirus.

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