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Do your research. Masks are useless, unless in a clinical situation, for those who have no symptoms. So essentially you are using up resources needed for those who have the disease where masks can be useful.. A runny nose indicates a cold or seasonal flu not coronavirus.

@Deedoodle. Totally agree with you............................and of course Elvis assassinated JFK! Get real; because this is real!

People need to get home somehow!

How so? They don't get paid do they?

I've seen @leatash figures before. They are 'best case scenario' which I think is fair enough. However, I think we should hope for the best but plan for the worst. So what is the 'worst case scenario'? Well, the UK Chief Medical Officer has said that in the worst case 80% of the population of the UK will be infected with CORVID-19. So that's around £53,000,000 people. Worst case ...

Anyone got any ideas on where to put the Cathedral for when Dawlish becomes a city?

Peter Harry
30 Oct 2019

@Lynne . Yes - I believe/have been informed that Peter Harry has passed away.

29 Oct 2019

Strange how I've not seen anything about the demise of Peter Harry (latest incarnation: Viaduct) on this site. Any comments or eulogies?

£50k a pop I believe for the new ones!

the snooky fest
14 Sep 2018

You're forgetting that kids go free in your analysis therefore generated income is less than you would expect from the attendance. It's intended to be a 'family event'. I am only involved with 'Snooky Fest' not 'The Snooky Trust' but I can say that the event is self-financing. By that I mean that ticket sales pays for the event AND generates a profit which goes to 'The Snooky Trust'. ...

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