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What video?

Most on the list are not 'Landlords' but 'Letting Agencies' acting for landlords. i.e. I'm sure the people that own Devon Rose don't trouser £82k themselves.

2 Jun 2015

In a couple of generations this discussion will be pretty much academic for the retired anyway. The new NEST pensions (and similar), whilst not being enough for a decent living standard, will take people above the threshold for many benefits and reduce payments to those still eligible. ....but surely this couldn't have been the original intention? Could it?

The whole of Manor Close are semi-detached bungalows (22 dwellings I think). There are a few more in Church St (known locally as Newhay Bungalows - don't know if that's a proper name). All owned by Teign Housing I believe. I think there are a few more in the Avenues which I guess will be Teign Housing also.

If you want local housing for local people then County Council Home Choice schemes will either have to be abolished or radically reformed. The idea of local housing for local people would affect the movement of citizens between different parts of the country. How does this balance with movement of people between different countries? You can't really support local housing for local people ...

Read the posts again. Yawn.

21 May 2015

I knew you wouldn't be. Name calling is about all you've got (again) isn't it?

21 May 2015

I'm sure they are roberta. What I've seen no 'evidence' for is the claim that 'terminally ill' people are going to be made to work. My gripe is that all this twaddle that the red tops print is based on rumour and bias against their particular competitor and pro their particular party. Certain elements on here, due to the fact they want to believe the said printed tosh, believe that ...

21 May 2015

The original (anti-Tory policy) quote was from the Mirror. The graph illustrates the left-wing, pro-Labour Party bias of the Mirror. Hence 'Enough said'. I shouldn't really have to explain all this if you'd read all the previous posts. Evidence: Includes all legal means, exclusive of mere argument, which tend to prove or disprove any matter of fact the truth of which is submitted for ...

20 May 2015

If you say so OurSoul. I didn't read of a 'DWP spokesperson' then stating that terminally ill people were to be put to work.

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