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General Discussion

Well, I think that sorts that out. Dawlish is dying on its ar*e and needs events like this. I for one am going to volunteer to help out in any way I can.

Irregular but not unprecedented. Graham Price was ousted by the Voicesw For Dawlish crowd a few years ago.

21 Apr 2017

Great pics.....although I did a double take on the RIB with the 2 dogs.....admit it.....the pattern on the boat does make it look like the lady has a huge bottom!

General Election
20 Apr 2017

UKIP is irrelevant now - job done. Leavers will vote for Cons to guide the UK through Brexit.

20 Apr 2017

What for? They may as well save their deposit! This GE will end up similar to the current Scottish Model of politics. After IndyRef anyone who voted for leaving the Union voted SNP and the Unionist vote was split by 3 or 4 parties. Hence the SNP took practicaly every seat in Scotland (as they will do again unless the Unionist parties get their heads together and field only one candidate in ...

@Lynne . how did you get sight of the temporary event notice and where can the rest of us see it? Or have you got friends on 'the inside'?

Seems to me that you've put little in the public domain - who are they?

General Election
18 Apr 2017

From the BBC News website: " One of Europe's largest investment banks, Deutsche Bank, said the news of the forthcoming UK election meant it would not be so downbeat about the outlook for the UK and its currency. "It makes the deadline to deliver a 'clean' Brexit without a lengthy transitional arrangement after 2019 far less pressing given that no general election will be due the year after," ...

Cherry Picker
10 Apr 2017

Tim Smith 01626 888131

Just got up to read that the Remainers on the London March pushed their placards into the fence surrounding the Police Memorial which was adorned with flowers in respect of Keith Palmer who lost his life during the Westminster attack. Unbelievable! Although I know that all Remainers are not involved; just as all Muslims are not involved in Jihad.....Those that did this are just vile scum.

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