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Started yesterday I think.

You miss my point. How can land closer to the coast not be protected as 'Undeveloped Coast' irrespective to when any OPP was granted? Plus, how can the various LAs now move that 'protected land'' inland? By their reckoning Okehampton will soon fall under 'Undeveloped Coast'!!!

15 Nov 2022

I just love the bit about ' The application site falls within an area of undeveloped coast'. If you look toward the coast from Sutton Close/Commons Lane and see the amount of development between it and the Coast by both parts of the Jefferies family and the NHS at Langdon. Why has DTC not objected to these developments or the new proposed Hensford Lane development? In addition both Warren Farm ...

6 Nov 2022

Why not? Not a single landowner along Commons Lane has contributed to the upkeep of the track - which includes a footpath over it! Devon County Council (who we have spoken to) will not enforce it. For the past 12 years my son and I have kept that path open (with the help of Neil Carpenter when he had his tractor available) and in the last 6 years this has been done with hand tools only! We ...

Ryders Bakery has a 4* rating. Their Street Food outlet is what you are talking about I think.

We reported a large wasp nest in a bank. Turned out to be harmless Ivy Bees - they look very similar if a little darker than wasps.

Wow - 71 beds! I think the two biggest in Dawlish currently are Palm Court (circa 40 beds) and Sefton Hall (circa 50 beds) so this is going to be pretty big.

COVID Boosters
7 Nov 2021

"...Neither the CDC nor the FDA stipulate that vaccines must stop transmission of a virus, both stating that a vaccine is a product that stimulates the immune system to produce immunity to an infectious agent..." US Sources. "...Vaccines are a type of prescription-only medicine . Their purpose is to stimulate a person's immune system to produce antibodies that fight a specific disease, ...

What water course? The leat is dry and has been for years.

4 Nov 2021

So Luscombe Estate workers cutting Luscombe Estate trees and putting the off-cuts onto Luscombe Estate land?

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