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Maybe Cummings was just following the example set by Labour MP Stephen Kinnock who travelled to visit his parents when it was his father's birthday.

Shaun Sawyer
24 Apr 2020

If the rules are not relaxed soon the economy will collapse, and then there won't be much of a country left to go back to.

Happy Brexit Day
2 Feb 2020

@Carer - You do understand that there is a difference between the political organisation that is the EU, and the continent of Europe?

31 Jan 2020

Trump is not going to be impeached and will be re-elected in November. Happy Brexit everyone!

Bye Bye 2019
1 Jan 2020

The big difference now is that the election cleared the deadwood out of the zombie parliament; Soubry, Grieve, Umunna, Wollaston and all the rest are gone.  Brexit will, at last, be a reality in 30 days.

Sterling has not slumped against the euro or dollar, far from it.  That's just another Remoaner lie. And after the vote in parliament today, Remoaners now have to admit defeat and shut up.

It sounds like the new GWR trains are just as shite as Crosscountry in stormy weather, two of them broke down in the Dawlish area today.  It was never like this with the HSTs.

It doesn't bode well for the sea wall defence scheme.

Great result locally too.  Morris wiped the floor with Wrigley, and in neighbouring Totnes turncoat Wollaston was similarly trounced, with the added bonus that her mate Soubry in Broxtowe was also shown the door.

12 Dec 2019

Exit poll predicts Tory landslide EXIT POLL 2019 CONSERVATIVES - 368 LABOUR - 191 LIB DEMS - 13 BREXIT - 0 SNP - 55