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The document quite clearly states the council wants the law changed, so not only would it affect Dawlish but rest of the country too.  Methinks Dawlish town councillors are getting a bit above themselves. 4a. At the same time, write to whoever is responsible to get the law changed , or voluntary - to mark all take-a-way packaging in big print: 'It's an offense to drop the container ...

26 Sep 2019

There's some bonkers proposals in that document: force takeaway shops to change their packaging because it fills the bins too quickly force them to print large warnings on the packaging that it is an offense (sic) to litter create a team of volunteer beach wardens to snoop on visitors It was obviously written by somebody with way too much time on their hands.

24 Sep 2019

It didn't take long for the Lib Dems to start pissing council tax money up the wall.

@majorp The problem here, if you had not already realised, is that the council stuck the notice on her windscreen with water soluble glue.  The owner could not have driven the car away without first returning with a bucket of hot water to remove it, and that is totally irresponsible behaviour on the part of the council.

Good riddance, Boris was wrong to include her in his cabinet, she's a Remainiac through and through.

We can plainly see the truth in front of our eyes, we don't need the media to tell us that Corbyn is an anti-semitic, terrorist-supporting piece of scum.

6 Sep 2019

Corbyn has been an activist all his life, he is simply not up to the job of being PM, but he doesn't have to worry because McDonnell is the power behind the throne.  I suspect Corbyn doesn't utter a word without McDonnell's permission.

6 Sep 2019

Lady Nugee was on Question Time last night stating how she would negotiate a new deal with the EU, put it to the voters in another referendum and then campaign against what she had negotiated.  This is the state of Labour.  God help us if Corbyn and his morons ever get inside No.10.

Are councillors' expense claims made public?  I bloody well hope so.  Let's see if they paid for this jolly out of their own pocket.

Just one day into the job, and new Lib Dem leader, Jo Swinson, has said that if there is another EU referendum and Leave win yet again then she will not honour the result.  No surprise there then, the Remainiacs want us to keep on voting until they get the required result. The Lib Dems are truly a waste of space, both nationally and locally. Speaking to BBC News this afternoon, newly ...