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Dawlish News

black lives matter
6 Jun 2020

Cummings did not write the rules, the scientific and medical advisers did that, but using your reasoning if you do not personally make the rules you can ignore them?

6 Jun 2020

There seems to be double standards at play here... Labour MP Stephen Kinnock breaks lockdown rules to visit his father on his birthday (March 28th) Labour MP Tahir Ali attends funeral with scores of people in attendance (April 1st) Labour MP Rosie Duffield breaks lockdown rules to meet her married boyfriend (April)

6 Jun 2020

Looking at the scenes in central London it seems social distancing has been abandoned, you can do what the hell you like now, the authorities won't stop you.

4 Jun 2020

@Lynne Wiki is a public site which can be edited by all and sundry, I've read enough incorrect information on it over the years to know it can't be trusted.

4 Jun 2020

Quoting from Wiki is never a good idea, it's not a trustworthy information site.

It sounds like the new GWR trains are just as shite as Crosscountry in stormy weather, two of them broke down in the Dawlish area today.  It was never like this with the HSTs.

It doesn't bode well for the sea wall defence scheme.

@majorp The problem here, if you had not already realised, is that the council stuck the notice on her windscreen with water soluble glue.  The owner could not have driven the car away without first returning with a bucket of hot water to remove it, and that is totally irresponsible behaviour on the part of the council.

Are councillors' expense claims made public?  I bloody well hope so.  Let's see if they paid for this jolly out of their own pocket.

I think you are the one with the negative attitude, by wanting to ban anything that you personally disagree with.  I'm quite happy for plastic to be used appropriately.

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