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Those liners could be berthed offshore for quite some time given Carnival's dire financial state.

The government has today formally advised the EU that, after leaving the EU in January this year, there will be no extension to the transition period which ends on December 31st. So, finally, after four and a half years of countless court cases and parliamentary shenanigans to derail the Brexit vote, we will once again be a sovereign country.  Who'd have thought in June 2016 that it would take ...

7 Jun 2020

The police have totally lost control of the streets, or perhaps intentionally given it up.  The scenes in London and Bristol today are pure anarchy.

6 Jun 2020

Scum vandalised the Cenotaph and Churchill's statue, that's what happened.

Labour MP Barry Gardiner boasted on Twitter yesterday that he deliberately broke the social distancing rules to attend a demonstration.  Any comments on that, Lynne?

The faux media outrage is all to do with Brexit and getting rid of Cummings.  The trade negotiations are on the verge of collapse, and an extension to the transition must be agreed by next month otherwise we leave without a deal in January.  This is a last-ditch attempt by Remoaners to force yet another Brexit delay.  It's very telling that Gina Miller came out of the woodwork yesterday to stick ...

Labour MP Tahir Ali broke lockdown rules and attended a funeral along with dozens of other mourners. We can play this tit for tat game all day if you like.

25 May 2020

Kinnock made a non-essential journey to see his father on his birthday, for all he knew he could have been incubating the virus.  The hypocrites are out to get Cummings because he is the driving force in the final stage of the Brexit process, and they hate him.

25 May 2020

Maybe Cummings was just following the example set by Labour MP Stephen Kinnock who travelled to visit his parents when it was his father's birthday.

Shaun Sawyer
24 Apr 2020

If the rules are not relaxed soon the economy will collapse, and then there won't be much of a country left to go back to.

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