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One gets let off with a slap on the wrist, and the others get sent to jail for a couple of years.  Not very equitable, is it?

We were put into lockdown to "flatten the curve and protect the NHS".  Now the curve is virtually a flat line we all have to wear masks, but didn't when the cases peaked in April because they were deemed to be of little value.  And then there's the little matter of Public Health England having to reassess the number of deaths attributed to covid, due to its ludicrous criteria for calculating the ...

A few weeks ago when there were road works outside BetFred and traffic was backed up right along The Strand, I saw a taxi drive along the footpath in the Lawn and rejoin The Strand at the ramp by the Co-op.  Taxi drivers do what they like in Dawlish.

Every shop I have been in, be it small or large, has had its own abundant sinage all over the place.  I think spending £657.60 on window stickers is hardly a necessary expense.

15 Jul 2020

Walking through town earlier I noticed about half a dozen of the pavement stencils, if they cost 800 quid then the council has been robbed.

And next comes compulsory vaccination...  We're being softened up.

14 Jul 2020

When deaths and infection rates were sky high and peaked a few months ago we were told face masks were of no or little benefit, now rates have fallen to a fraction of what they were we are suddenly being told masks are esssential.  None of this makes any sense.

Consultations are a sham, just window dressing to disguise the fact that the decision has already been made.

And here it is, looking very stylish.

19 Jun 2020

Macron travelled to London yesterday aboard one of his many Presidential aircraft.  Boris having our one aircraft repainted is not such a big deal in the circumstances.

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