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@DJ . You are absolutely correct. She was interviewed on the BBC Breakfast programme, in the rain and mentioned breakwaters.

10 Dec 2014

@Kaz . Well said. I think the breakwater/ wave breaking reef is a excellent idea. Anne Marie Morris seems to have changed her tune. Dawlish has lived with the coastal route for years and has not had a additional route. So many things to overcome yet before that one opens.

Very good programme. Thoughly enjoyed It.

Railway Long Grass
2 Dec 2014

Michael. Yes It Is a good day, so why dont they now make the Dawlish Sea Wall higher the whole way. Surely that would be a better Idea. Plus Breakwaters. And It would not cost anywhere near the figure given. But the Plymouth MP`S wont like this will they?

Very good Video. Well done.

@ZIGGY . Thanks Ziggy for that.Some interesting comments on FB.

14 Nov 2014

@ZIGGY .Is this not what Anne Marie Morris was saying should happen last February? Or is a Breakwater totally different?

@Lynne . I saw that and the bad weather forecast afterwards. Yellow warnings in place.

12 Nov 2014

@Roberta - Thanks for that, I was only looking at EOD Facebook page. @Flo - We all know that they want a Inland route but they keep talking about it, and its not even in their constistuency.  The Newton Abbot MP has not spoken about what should happen in Plymouth, unless i have missed it.  Dan Rogerson who is a Liberal MP said it should be ADDITIONAL, not alternative route. We`ll see on ...

12 Nov 2014

If you have a look on Eyes Of Dawlish FB page you will see a photo of damage already done to Dawlish Sea wall and Its clearly visible.

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