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@Roberta . I thought the Daily Mirror was labour party loving, not the Guardian. but I could be wrong.

13 Weech Rd
17 May 2015

@Leatash . Go to and go to you all about it.

Sea Wall
16 May 2015

@Wondering . Unless talks are successful. Then we get our trains. Once again its the RMT union.

I know this Is late but Anne Marie Morris HELD Newton Abbott seat. Majourity 11,400. One of the Plymouth Mob Alison Seebeck LOST her seat. I was jumping up and down with that news.

Cameron In Dawlish
10 Apr 2015

Was In Barnstaple as well. As for train times probably a fault, has happened down here as well.

Planning Application
24 Mar 2015

@Carer . I totally agree. Hideous is putting it mildly.

@Lynne .You are correct.

@webmaster . thank you very much.

13 Feb 2015

@Webmaster. Why was my post reported on February 1.23PM? I have only just got my Internet Connection back after moving , and I thought It was perfectly Innocent post.

12 Feb 2015

@Mcjrpc . No, I had no Internet connection. I just recently moved. Not the plesure of her majesty.

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