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General Discussion

Happy New Year
31 Dec 2015

Happy New year to everybody and webmaster. Hope you have a prosporus new year.

Merry Christmas
27 Dec 2015

I hope everyone hear had a Happy Christmas and have a happy new year. Have a Happy new year Webmaster and keep up the good work.

I noticed there Is one next to railway line opposite Marine Parade.

@Lynne . Anne Marie Morris is Parliamentary Private Secretary(PPS) to Nick Boles.

@HuwMattews2. I am still here but I have had not much to say.

Syrian refugees
6 Sep 2015

@Carer , @Leatash , @Roberta . Totally agree with you, well said.

Just as a matter of interest. Where is the post gone about the Dawlish Air Show noise. A woman wrote to Dawlish Gazette saying that the Dawlish Airshow should cease because of the noise frighting her birds etc. It seems to have disappeared.

Airshow Criticism
27 Aug 2015

I agree with everybody here and their comments, and this lady must be on something.

@ Our Soul. I agree with you but Dawlish Is a small station with little cover. Which reminds me I got to buy a umbrella. lol.

25 Aug 2015

@Elvis. I think FGW own the railway station so they are the people to go to with that query. Usally when a disabled person wants to get on, they have a ramp ready to get on a train. Also any member of staff getting angry about plants(?)  should be reported. By the way that was a FGW member of staff, not BR.

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