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Can Somebody tell me, unless I missed It, seeing that Consertive, Liberal, UKIP are not contesting the By election are Labour going to? Have not heard anything from them.

@Lynne . Its not the building on Dawlish Warren station, is it? Or has that been demolished. Ignore this post if it has.

18 Mar 2016

News has just come In. IDS(Ian Duncan Smith) has resigned. He says It Is because of welfare reforms. He also says that cuts to Disability Benefits are Indefensible.

There was a debate yesterday about the future of the GWR. Anne Marie Morris made a very good Passionate speech and you  should read the debate In Hansard In Parliament. uk. These  2 studies will go ahead. And you know what they will say, don`t you?.

5 Feb 2016

@Carer . You are so right in the points that you make and I totally agree with you. Now I suppose the Plymouth MP`S etc.etc. will be looking at the gallery which Dawlish News have posted.

27 Jan 2016

@ Remember Transport Questions tomorrow 9.30am to 10.30am. SKY 504.

27 Jan 2016

@Lynne . PMQ  is now on Hansard. The question was about funding for 2 studies.

27 Jan 2016

Just as a matter of Interest. Cross Country are not going to fix trains that brake down when they get salty seawater In there electrics. It will be too expensive say Cross Country.

26 Jan 2016

@Lynne . Thursday morning 9.30am to 10.30am there are Transport Questions where this wil be raised.

Storm Damaged
4 Jan 2016

Teignmouth seafront has got a big hole, unless its been fixed.

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