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You don't get it do you?  What people want is a successful, busy and YES, noisy carnival.  It just doesn't need to be noisy just because the fair has taken over the lawn. Did you, "FredBassett", attend the Jubilee festivities on the Lawn?

Whilst a lift isn't needed at Dawlish Warren platform, its a shame that Network Rail (or First Group) don't have the finances for a pair of lifts at Dawlish.

And that reminds me that I saw that the site that's currently home to the infamous Sunburnt Arms is up for sale for something like £480K (or thereabouts). I overheard in a cafe yesterday that the owners allegedly turned down a £750K offer for the site about 4 or 5 years ago. Life is full of "if onlys" eh?!!!!!

You tried to visit all 4 of these public toilets in one day??  Your name is George Michael and I claim my five pounds.

One word - BRILLIANT!  Well done to those responsible for a fantastic display!  Does anyone know if this an annual event or a one-off?

Thank You & Well Done
23 Aug 2012

@User 4549 - no, that's not what the paper says.  No-one got disqualified ("banned") because of the foot-cutting incident - the story in the paper was merely illustrating why egg throwing is rightly banned (a sentence i can't believe i've just written). I have to say though that the highlight of this weeks Gazette is the "Wind blows tree branch down" headline. Really.

23 Aug 2012

Me?  Public entertainment?  Granted that some on here might say that I'm a clown, but that's as far as it goes. I would hardly describe a few chavs operating the waltzers as "activity".  Though as usual with these types, they were clearly hoping to entice a few under-16 girls into partaking in their own, shall we say, "activities".  Maybe they'll have better luck with the schoolgirls in ...

23 Aug 2012

What utter tosh.  I take it from your dribble that you wanted the fair on OUR lawn this week as well, in order to rip off locals and tourists for longer?    Yeah right, that really is the future of Dawlish, isn't it?!

For the first time (sorry Lynne) I'm reading through the associated documents on the TDC website (I'm bored), and had to laugh at the letter of objection by someone who was, shall we say (naming no names, lest I upset the sensitive amongst you), recently of this parish.  I'm not an officer of the spelling police, but how can one be expected to be taken seriously, if one cannot be bothered to use a ...

23 Aug 2012

Some questions for no-one in particular other than for someone who might know the answers: 1.  Who is this "Dawlish Regeneration Group"?  Can anyone join?  How many members of this group are there? How are they funded? Are they related to the Dawlish Community Trust? Are they FOR regeneration or AGAINST regeneration? 2. is @FredBassett for real?  or just a cartoon character? Thank ...