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lovely pictures ... sky on fire

Hot dog in car today.
10 Aug 2016

People will never learn until its to late , then when it does happen they are sorry it happened....  dont do it in the first place leave the dog at home if you can........

It a pity the street lights wasnt left on and you might have been able to have  seen this person and got a picture of him/her.

These are lovely photo's. I like looking at the people what the wore in them days years ago....... What would they think of Dawlish/Teighmouth of today???

Dawlish Webcam
4 Feb 2014

very good

just looked on the webcam and its looking rough out there...... me and the grandson was watching the waves bouncing up the wall and trains going through......

down there that week will take a look , before we head back home...

13 Oct 2012

Normally if theres shoes/trainers hanging from telephone wires or anything that they can hang shoe wear from is for drugs its to tell them where they deal drugs. It would be that someones just being silly and throwed them there, put that what it normally means. We had some in a road by where we live and got in touch with BT and they come and cut them down incase the wire was to loosen ....

First time we have seen the firework display has we  have normally gone home. But saw them this year and they where brilliant. Got some lovely photos has well.... Well done to all involved tap on the back for you..........

Eating Out
22 Apr 2012

I'd never eat from Baileys again having seen what the bloke serving the chips did with his hands, lets put it this way he never washed his hands after they had been round his nose...yuk.... We keep saying that when we come back down that we will try the Welcome for a carvery. Has anyone been there and whats the food like..... ?????