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As a member of the Friends of Dawlish Hospital I voted against getting involved in this project for the reason that we were expected to find the outlets for the book. We don't have any outlets ourselves, nor any direct connections with any suitable outlets, and very short of committee members to be able to go out finding outlets. I would have advised going to the Snooky Trust which is in a much ...

Congratulations indeed. Well done to all involved in this.

Just as a matter of record. With the Sandy Lane toilets, these are going to be reconfigured to 2 plus a disabled facillity, and the remaining part to be available for use as storage or other uses. The Town Council agreed to contribute to the running of the toilets after the reconfiguration, and also to contribute to the cost of the reconfiguration. With the Warren Car Park toilets the same ...

We are independent candidates not wishing to inundate people with too many leaflets. Just trying to be efficient. There are other independent candidates across the three wards of course.

Giving the right to buy to private tenants would decimate that part of the housing market, and bring down the price of housing. That could be a good thing, except that many people will go into negative equity, and ultimately this would cause another banking crisis.

16 Apr 2015

It seems the policy is that the County and District councils will recompense the housing associations, and they will finance this by selling off the more expensive of the social houses and other buildings and land that they own. Anyone see the flaw? Having spent the last months slating Labour for putting forward uncosted plans, the Conservatives are doing exactly that.

Sea Wall
8 Apr 2015

As far as I am informed the girder and wire 'fence' is just a temporary measure and will be removed. I do not know if there will be any form of replacement.

Nice idea. Put them in orange jackets as well.

26 Jan 2015

To get back to the original purpose of the thread - if anyone has a good idea about an overall 'theme' so that perhaps the banners in sequence tell a story, or perhaps form, together, a single picture that would also be very welcome. We're open to ideas.

As far as I know there are a couple of options in discussion for the last part of the route into, and out of, the town. This is great news for the town.