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Freudian slip there FB - cacking day

13 Aug 2015

It's a shame the weather's been so bad, although I'm not a fan of the carnival nor the directors, for the people who do enjoy it it's been a washout. And the poor grockles, I wouldn't fancy a week in a tent.....

Ooh there's a question!  I don't know, there's the usual pilots party with entertainment and I suspect a draw. If you're on facebook you could ask on their page or by the website, if you can't let me know and I'll text the committee member I know.

12 Aug 2015 The Vulcan has been provisionally booked to appear this year, the last year that it will fly. If you can and want to help a donation large or small will help.

@webmaster does this oaf's threats to unmask us all breach the t's&c's? Dear Oaf Not intimidated by bullies. NuNuff said Yours non-quaking in my boots Duckileaks

7 Aug 2015

I feel sad that our Councillors yet again fail to see that a body that applies for a grant from community money should benefit that community. How does the Carnival benefit anyone other than David Rowlands and the Directors self-esteem? Where have the core values gone? At what stage did it become more important to fill the Lawn with expensive rides than to put on good value or free family ...

Seriously?! Run your cold tap for 2 hours - will they refund those of us on water meters for the water used?

They have connections to the Farley family

24 Jul 2015

Elvis, can I have a fishcake too? To be slightly more serious, I think drinking ban is unnecessary as Police already have enough powers to deal with drunken behaviour.  The issue surely is that there are not enough Police Officers to deal with the drunken behaviour! A drinking ban will affect the sensible and responsible and fund-raising events too.

23 Jul 2015

I can't make that date so out of interest what is the opinion of people here? I'm against a ban.