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Duckileaks' Posts

And people still do that Leatash.  And sometimes there's nothing wrong with wanting things to stay the same, change for the sake of change is pointless.  Preserve what is worth keeping - the open space, the green areas to play and picnic on.  Enhance what needs to be enhanced - the bandstand. Playpark in the corner by the Ugly Duckling or where the Piazza is would be great but not taking up ...

22 Aug 2017

For various reasons I couldn't see the procession on Friday but have seen it on the facebook page - looked great. Having spoken to someone on the committee it's interesting to note how few councillors went to any of the activities and that the town centre manager was also absent all week

I heard that the vote was in favour of the play park, but don't know more than that. It was 4 -3 in favour.  Those in favour were Cllrs Clemens, both Fennes and one other that I can't remember.  Against were Cllrs Wrigley, Lowther & Almond I believe

DTC are caving in to pressure from the Chamber of Trade who want the play park under the impression that it will bring more business.  The Town Centre Development Manager is pushing for this too. Yet the people who actually use the Lawn like the Charities, the Carnival, the Air Show (which may go ahead again) are being virtually ignored. To lose that big chunk of land will have a massive ...

I was in Teignmouth last night and stood right by the cafe - destroyed is a bit of an exaggeration.  Was told the kitchen is badly damaged and the rest was full of smoke but they're aiming to be up and running again soon.

Deedoodle is spot on, the comments haven't been analysed.  The person who wrote the questions is the same one who is driving this - of course the result is going to be in favour, a questionnaire is always going to skewed in one way or another. It's shocking that of all the spaces on the Lawn one of the two most used is considered, it should be on the fiasco/piazza which is hardly used, or take ...

TDC, it's their car park which just happens to have a surgery built in it

Orla, go for it, move here. Dawlish is a great place to live, sure it has the same issues that any town has but there is loads to do.  Plenty of clubs, lots of things to volunteer your time to - museum, carnival, folk festival, friends of the hospital etc etc You won't regret moving here (you'll feel at home anyway - lots of other midlanders already here )

I've struggled to see my GP in the past.  The new(ish) system means that if you phone on the day for an urgent appointment you get the duty doc, if you phone wanting an appointment with your GP in a week you have to also phone at 8.30 - which I think is bloody stupid, everyone phoning at the same time! Regarding Deedoodle saying that there's only one doc with time for you, some of the new ...

Trump vs Hillary
9 Nov 2016

Out of 300 million people the best they can come up with is those two. Probably time for a meteor to hit, wipe us all out and start again......