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Duckileaks' Posts

D'oh! Thanks Lynn, I obviously scrolled down too quickly.. Interesting, there's one who I'd hate to see as a District Councillor - too much weight thrown around whilst Mayor.  And what a shame it's all along political lines.

22 Jan 2018

Is it to early to know who the candidates are?

10 Jan 2018

Bit of a non-topic really.  You buy what you can afford or what you prefer the taste of. Simple as that. Bit like everything else in life......

NatWest Teignmouth
7 Dec 2017

Blimey, who'd have thought that a thread about a bank closing would get so personal? Perhaps our benevolent Webmaster needs more help with moderating? Or maybe, like most of us, he secretly enjoys watching the 'bear baiting' that occurs here, it's like Jeremy Kyle without having to watch JK preening in front of the camera!

The carnival will continue in one way or another.  But it seems the rigmarole about the play park just runs on and on..................

Yes, I saw the Part II thing. What interesting times we live in.....

11 Oct 2017

Of course there won't be Lynne.  You don't expect our Conservative led Council to actually read the Gazette or connect with their constituents? (And I say this as a former Tory) At least the Lib Dems (usually inaffective) and the Independents are trying to think for themselves at the moment. Interestingly I heard the other day that the Clerk has resigned.

5 Oct 2017

It wasn't that many years ago that the idea of pulling down and replacing the bandstand was scuppered by the Environment Agency saying that they would object to it because it's in a flood plain. Has that changed? Or are our Councillors so set on this idea that they haven't thought it through.......

3 Oct 2017

That's been done Lynne, I tried but just got shrugged shoulders and an 'I did what I was asked to'

16 Sep 2017

@D.Mond  using your 1% of population figure - do you also thnk it fair that 100% of the population get that large chunk of the lawn taken away from them by a decision made from a survey of only approx 5% of the population? (and before anyone bangs on about democracy it's also democracy that allows petitions if you don't agree with a decision made by your elected representatives)