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Carer's Posts

As I had posted before, it's a tragedy for sure, but doesn't common sense tell you NOT to go too close to the edge as there is no fence there? That wall has been like that for over a hundred(?) years, and how many people have lost their lives by falling off?

Thank you.

Merry Christmas
24 Dec 2023

And the same to you Webmaster. Thank you for all you have done this year in keeping this site running smoothly.


Waste of time as the 'brain dead no common sense' will still buy one for their little darlings then complain when they get hurt in an accident.

Luxury? Is this a joke???

A tragedy but totally ridiculous. Doesn't common sense tell you not to go too close to the edge?

How will the local infrastructure cope with all these extra houses and people? How will the surgery cope? It's bad enough getting an appointment now so what will it be like in the future, and how long will it take to get a prescription processed? Long waits ahead for sure.

Getting signed out
16 Nov 2023

Thanks webmaster for keeping us informed. I realised something must have been wrong a few days back and it's still happening. Mind you, there are worse things to worry about that having to sign in again.

A very good turnout today on the lawn, and those watching from the Strand and footpaths. Well done everyone who was there.