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Dawlish News

@DD Not forgetting the graffiti artists.

What about us being slaves to the Romans? Or doesn't that matter? Also in the middle ages when us slaves were referred to as 'Serf's? Or doesn't that matter? Yes people, Us British have been slaves in history but we don't harp on about it!!!!!

Happy Birthday your Majesty.

But as dear Alison got in again, she will sort it out. (Pigs have been fed and ready for take off) I wonder how many people complain about the police but voted that waste of space in again?

Bring it on. That will shake the Co-op and Sainsburys up a bit.

Good to hear but how long will it last? I mean, when was the last time you saw a policeman on the beat in Dawlish? All propaganda for 'our Alison' as there is an election coming up.

Interesting story.

That's OK but I wonder how the people who live in houses built on the old ripped up track past Okehampton will feel about it having their homes demolished so that passengers don't have to suffer a bit of inconvenience a few time a year?

Be out in 3 then easily 'recruit'  more scum into his gang, then terrorise Teignmouth all over again!

12 Jan 2021

Sterilise all the scum to stop them from breeding.

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