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Dawlish News

A rather misleading headline and as Deedoodle says, it it the weather that is to blame and not what one would expect from the headline, mindless vandalism. Let's hope something is done about it ASAP so that it is in pristine condition for this years RBL Remembrance Parade on Suday November 13th.

Still no apology from Ms Farley about her 'outsiders rant' though.

Really looking forward to seeing them.

@BEE9 LOL. They were too busy pulling motorists not wearing seatbelts.

@ Margaret Dawlish will be busy as it is a Bank Holiday weekend so unless traders in town ask why people are here, we will never know the real figure as to how much Dawlish benefitted from the concert.

@ Stephen It was piblished in the local freebie paper on Friday April 1st and featured an artists impression of a lovely new train cutting across Teignmouth Golf course.

2 Apr 2016

@ Purrrrrect I agree with you in some points with regard to the sea wall, but please note that the 'money from HS2 being used to divert this section of Railway line' was in fact an April Fools joke.

"Lack of Funds and Support". Surely it wouldn't have anything to do with Ms Farley having a go at 'Outsiders' would it?

Yes, a few billion heading north. Maybe we should all start wearing flat caps, go ferret racing, and say 'trouble at t'mill'. LOL.

Well done to Fiona.

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