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When the Tories knock on anyone's door, why not ask them:- What have you done to our Police Force? (You all moan about the lack of Police) What are you going to do about our Armed Forces as they have been vastly reduced since the Tories come in? What are you doing about the NHS as it is in such a mess now? And let's not forget about Education. The list is endless. So then, ...

Hi Orla. I moved here over 25 years ago and have no regrets. No problem with 'newcomers' as a large portion of the population are from 'outside' anyway. As already been said, nice walks around the area, Dartmoor is less than an hours drive away. Public transport is regular with local busses including the 'shopper' bus, road and rail links and National Express also serve the area. ...

Illegal Parking
19 May 2017

@leatash Nobody in their right mind would use that drop kerb (in front of the van) to cross the road. If they wanted to cross the road, they will use the propper crossing point behind the van that also has a drop kerb with the knobbly bits. Far too many people cross the road in dangerous places as they cant be bothered to go a couple of extra yards/metres to use the crossing.

Out at sea
17 May 2017

@Margaret Swift How you can say that the offshore windfarms are a 'blight of the SE coast for years' is beyond belief. As a frequent visitor to that area, the majority are just a tiny speck and not really noticible. The ones off Whitstable are of course closer to shore but again, they tend to blend into the background due to the colour of them and then you dont notice them. You are ...

Gary Taylor
9 May 2017

So Gary posts on here as an individual and you have a go at him as he was 'boring' for promoting the Lib Dems. What about Paul who was forever promoting Trump on the lead up to the US election and forever promoting May and the tories in our elections. Wasn't/Isn't that boring also? Whatever happened to freedom of speech?

3 May 2017

@leatash Only one of them needs to be qualified for a blue badge, and what if that person is Deaf or Blind in One eye ?

25 Apr 2017

@DC24601 I bet you're the first to moan when the elected government do things that you don't like. I agree with leatash that voting should be compulsory.

Happy St. George's Day everyone.

A sunny Sunday
9 Apr 2017

How lovely Ziggy. Nice photos. I was sitting out in the garden listening to peoples dogs barking all the time.

Will there be security on the entrance preventing all the underage from brining in alcohol in lemonade bottles? What about drug sniffer dogs?

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