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@Lynne . They are so ugly. I wouldn't want to live in one of those.

For one, I hope that the planning goes ahead, as the whole seafront from the viaduct eastwards looks an eyesore and is in a disgusting state. As for the boathouse, last time I saw it, there were holes in the roof and was in a very sad state of repair, so if that is an asset to the town, it doesen't say much about Dawlish itself. People want to save it for the sake of disrupting future ...

5 Aug 2020

To the Parent(s) of the 10y/o (approx) boy on a BMX on the sea wall last Friday 31/07/20 about 1100hrs. You need to keep your 'little darling' under control and teach him some manners after he rode past me and my friend then spat on the floor, 50cm behind where my friend was standing. Teach him some manners and also inform him that (especially) in these days, it is more than just a ...

Sounds like normal day to day running of Ryanair!

The sea wall
27 Jul 2020

Not long until the irresponsible dog owners let their little sh*t machines leave a mess on it.

@ FredBasset I for one, hope that I NEVER meet you face to face. It's people like you (I am not allowed to tell you exactly what I really think of you) that have helped spread this awful virus, and keep it going in the future.

13 Jul 2020

@leatash Face Masks.

Unfortunately, now that the lockdown has eased (officially), all the idiots believe that there is nothing to worry about and the virus has gone away. SHOCK HORROR. It will be back very soon to a neighbourhood near you but even worse than before.

They're back, with Arcadia joining them and HMS Albion passing by, as at 0945 hrs, 04/07/2020. Ref:-

3 Jul 2020

@leatash . I know. I was being sarcastic as someone above was under the impression that they were full of passengers.

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