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A conspiracy that involves every government and country in this world. Yeah. That's as believable as Trump contracting the virus and having the all clear three days later.

Justin Leigh
17 Oct 2020

Watching his 'send off' last night on Spotlight, 16/10/2020, did anyone else notice the absence of Victoria Graham amongst all the other well known people who bade him farewell? It is a shame to see him go.

Dawlish Celebrates
24 Sep 2020

Thanks Ziggy. Yes, very disappointing but understandable in these difficult of times.

Black man KILLS/MURDERS white man in Birmingham and injures others. Any riots? Any demonstrations? NO. Why? Because he is white. I'm surprised that there hasn't been huge demonstrations (as before when a black person has been arrested) outside the police station as it seems that blacks are above the law. W L M

3 Sep 2020

@Lynne What about the white people in the US who have been shot and killed by the police? Or doesn't that matter because they are white? Maybe it's because when a white person dies due to police action, the population don't use it as an excuse to go looting, burning and destroying property! You carry on with your support for a black criminal (Floyd) and you obviously have no ...

31 Aug 2020

I not interested in what you have to say about Belarus or any other country. Black Power and the Clenched Fist 'Salute' as used by the BLM movement is a RACIST anti white symbol. FACT.

31 Aug 2020

It stems from the BLACK POWER (Racist) 'salute'  of the 1960's and the same so called salute has now been adopted by the BLM movement which has recently been revived by the death of a criminal called George Floyd, who liked to point a loaded gun at a pregnant womans stomach so he could obtain cash for his drug habit.

30 Aug 2020

The BLM clenched fist is NO different to the Nazi salute. Both are RACIST!!!!!

29 Aug 2020

@Lynne Does that include us white English who were slaves to the Romans and anyone else who invaded us? Or is it because that was past history and we don't have a chip on our shoulder? Also, tell that to the hundreds and thousands who fought and gave their lives for this country so that we ALL could live a better life instead of under the Nazi Jackboot!

28 Aug 2020

Wouldn't it have been nice if the mixed race/blacks INTEGRATED with the people/area where they moved to, or do WE have to  change OUR way of lives to make them happy? BTW, WHOSE country is this? W L M

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