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Fuel Tax Petition
15 Mar 2022

27 Feb 2022

@Lynne All very well but there is so much farmland now earmarked for housing and solar power, so where are we going to plant more crops?

25 Feb 2022

Frightening. Putin is a bully and the biggest threat to world peace. He is NOT interested in diplomacy and only interested in what HE thinks is right.

Dawlish Town Council
21 Feb 2022

How sad and how irresponsible of the dog owner to allow this. Thanks for posting.

I wouldn't live in a Persimmon home if you paid me!!!!

That's all very well but the parents will still feed their kids doughnuts, piza, crisps, sweets and cola.

Seems like vehicles that pay NOTHING towards the upkeep of roads (cycles) are given more priority. How about making it Law that cyclists use a cycle path instead of the road when one is available and if there is one available and they are involved in an accident, then they cant complain as they should have been on the cycle path!!!!!

Happy New Year
2 Jan 2022

Same to you Ziggy.

Merry Christmas
28 Dec 2021

And the same to you webmaster and thank you for all you do. (Sorry it's late.) All the best for the new year also.

COVID Boosters
31 Oct 2021

@DeestupidDoodle Well, thanks to you and people like you, this pandemic is carrying on and on and on. If you are so positively sure that this is a scamdemic, then why not go to a Covid ward and see all the people who like you who think it's a scam, and give them a big kiss and breath in the air that they have exhaled, THEN if you survive, come back and tell us, but until then, stop your ...

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