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Boots, the Strand.
17 May 2023

What a shambles they have become. Submitted a prescription 2 weeks ago and STILL not ready!!!!

12 May 2023

Hello all. Where is the best place to go in Dawlish for a Breakfast?

Hoping that everyone enjoys the Coronation Weekend. Have a great time everyone. God Save the King.

Oh well. You all had your chance but no, they (Lib Demons) got in.

St. Georges' Day
23 Apr 2023

Happy St. Georges' Day everyone.

Well done Hugh and Dawlish RBL, which I know you helped in that a great deal!!!

I mentioned that nearly a week ago.

Gurkha Restaurant
21 Feb 2023

@Teignpot Many thanks.

17 Feb 2023

Is the restaurant in Park Road still open for business?

Merry Christmas
26 Dec 2022

Thank you webmaster, and the same to you. Thank you for what you have done this past year.

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