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WHAT mini budget? Looks like the tories will be looking for new jobs soon. What a complete and utter shambles they are!!!

Barton Surgery
12 Oct 2022

"You should contact the pharmacy to find out if your medication is ready to collect. " From experience, give it 2 weeks then it might be ready!!!

@burneside A friend of mine has had a lot of trouble with his ears/hearing and was told by his doctor to have his ears syringed. This he did, but had to PAY £70 for the privilage!!!

Beware SCAM
9 Sep 2022

"Hello Mum, I've smashed my phone so text me on my new number". This is a common scam and the number given is 07459 209709, originating from 07925 686638 .

Thank you Ma'am for being a wonderful monarch. May you rest in peace.

24 Aug 2022 is a good choice, from Google Mail. Easy to use and set up.

What happened to the promise by Bozo (on his brexit campaign) that there will be lots of money spent on training up thousands of nurses? Pie in the sky as always!!!

Hi there. The 'Lancaster' had just done a trial run for it's appearance at the Torbay airhow the next day. It was good of the crew to do a circuit over Dawlish on their way back to Exeter airport.

Hoping everyone has/had a great day. Congrats to HM the Queen Elizabeth 2nd. Thank you for being our wonderful monarch.

22 May 2022

Good info. Thanks webmaster.

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