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Should this young woman be allowed back into the UK ?

May's Brexit Betrayal
14 Feb 2019

Scapegoat could it be that a large percentage of the establishment are remoaners MP's, CEO's of large corporations and owners and editors of the press and they all determined by what ever means to stop us leaving the EU.

13 Feb 2019

44 days 4hrs 40 mins the clock is ticking.

12 Feb 2019

Well only 45 days 22 hours left and it cant come soon enough. And my children will be fine they will have a bright future outside of Europe.

10 Feb 2019

Most members of the House of Commons are believed to have voted Remain in the EU referendum. According to a survey of all 650 MPs carried out by the Press Association ahead of the referendum on June 23: :: 480 MPs said they would be voting Remain, including 184 Conservatives :: 159 MPs said they would be voting Leave, including 139 Conservatives :: 11 MPs were undeclared, including ...

The cost of building a new line at todays prices 8.1 million per km then take into consideration the terrain the cost would go through the roof. Then we would have a sea wall with little or no maintenance putting the town and cliffs at risk of flooding and erosion.

United Kingdom – The Highway Code discourages undertaking on motorways with some exceptions (rule 268): "Do not overtake on the left or move to a lane on your left to overtake". ... On all roads, undertaking is permitted if the vehicles in the lane to the right are queueing and slow moving.

7 Feb 2019

It certainly would.

5 Feb 2019

Brexit - Part 2
28 Jan 2019

On the news tonight there could be a shortage of Champagne OMG how are we going to cope.