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Dawlish News

7 Sep 2018

I dont believe there will be a deal am i concerned at that prospect not at all i welcome it with open arms it may be a opportunity to toughen up our snowflake society.

6 Sep 2018

Operation Yellowhammer.

4 Sep 2018

Food waste in England - Parliament (publications) - Parliament UK

4 Sep 2018

You are the one who has on more than one occasion mentioned food shortages all i am saying is we waste huge amounts of food and if things did get tight we may learn not to waste as much.

4 Sep 2018

24 million slices of bread 235,000 whole chickens 1.4 million bananas 660,000 eggs 4.4 million apples Half of all fresh potatoes purchased. So folk are worried about food shortages if we have a hard Brexit but the above is thrown in the bin every DAY maybe if food was a little tight we wouldnt waste as much.

4 Sep 2018

The question is are you prepared Lynne.

Compared to 1985 when i arrived here it has certainly gone downhill.

To know that we know what we know, and that we do not know what we do not know, that is true knowledge.

Dawlish has always been the same fake news it was invented here.

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