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Dawlish News

And now we have storm Ellen on it's way.

If you visit France, Italy, Germany you have to pay tourist tax as you do in New Zealand and many other countries around the world so why not here.

A solution has been found that good enough for me it's the same with any large engineering project there are problems that have not been anticipated solutions are found and work carries on.

21 Jan 2020

A report on the local news said a solution had been found and work was starting again.

If i was Network Rail i would let the moaners have there way build a direct line from Exeter to Newton Abbot and close the seaward line i bet you any money they would soon change there minds.

It's only 103 miles away is it one from here ???

Is this not old news i remember this article over a year ago.

As they say one born every minute and the reporting is incorrect it's Dawlish not Dawlish Warren.

So wondering what is your proposed route for Dawlish Parkway and the cost, taking into consideration high speed trains need gradient's of less than 4% and freight trains below 1.5%. My second question is when this new line is built who will maintain the sea wall that protects Dawlish TDC or DCC taking into consideration that it takes DCC three months to fill a pot hole and TDC tell us they are ...

17 Apr 2019

Do we want to protect the railway and Dawlish or not, sea levels are rising storms are getting worse i for one welcome it.  Will it affect tourism i wouldn't think so for one moment but if the line was closed for months that might.

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