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I have not seen the town centre so busy for weeks loads of folk all meeting and chatting the roads are also very busy i wonder why? My guess the number of deaths are dropping and folk think it's as good as over but they are going to learn the hard way because it's only just started.

20 Apr 2020

18 Apr 2020

17 Apr 2020[31339_PANUK_SOT_15_CNV_Send7EngagedCNV1to6_RET]-20200417-[bbcnews_coronavirustrialoffersglimmerofhope_newshealthcvd]

16 Apr 2020

16 Apr 2020

16 Apr 2020

It's what it is information is patchy because the powers that be dont as yet understand how this virus works and all goverments around the world are just playing for time untill science finds the answers. I have just been reading a report from the WHA that hints this could go on until 2022 in some form or another to me this is going to carry on until a vaccine is available and that could take 12 ...

15 Apr 2020

Complete Idiots
12 Apr 2020

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