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General Discussion

26 May 2020

25 May 2020

I am not complaining Lynne i follow my instinct they out there follow there's we will see who's is right in about 14 days.

24 May 2020

I have been watching folk all day no social distancing cylists on the footpaths cycling between people i have seen 20 plus motorhomes and one caravan the A379 is busy and when there nearest and dearest die it will be the goverments fault. The truth is if you give the public a inch they will take a mile it's a British pastime and that's what politicians have failed to grasp, folk just have to bend ...

20 May 2020

14 May 2020

14 May 2020

Yes Llynne we get you are not a tory and dislike Boris but i would like you to tell me who would do a better job.

14 May 2020

And plus New Zealand is 10% larger than the UK so a small population more space less infection.

14 May 2020

Not a great comparison population of New Zealand 4,783.063 population of UK 67,886,011 and just to put it in perspective population of London 9,304,016 and plus New Zealand has very strict border controls unlike the UK. And the other point who else will sort it out the world is going into meltdown and no goverment will cope we are heading for the worse recession in living memory and the world is ...

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