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General Discussion

lobotomy dems
6 Aug 2019

No bins emptied over the weekend i wonder why??

Water fowl
4 Aug 2019

If i remember correctly the Ducks and Swans are sold the proceeds offsetting the cost of Wardens and feed costs.

What's her name??

Only in Dawlish!
16 Jul 2019

How about F1 with a British driver winning on home soil.

I think you will find that vehicles have never been allowed to drive along the wall and Network Rail are just enforcing what is already in place. And maybe if like me Margaret Swift you had sea water in your property on a regular basis you may have a different opinion i welcome the work that is going on and if i had my way it would be higher and wider. Why can Network Rail run there vehicles along ...

The point is those on benifits and over 75 get it free those not on benifits who can afford £2.97 per week like me will have to pay. Do i mind not at all do i care i now have to pay not one jot. So why is that firstly last year as in previous years i paid so its no different i will have to start paying again. If you can afford two or three pints per week at a average of £3.60 a pint one drink less ...

12 Jun 2019

EU Elections
27 May 2019

Yet again a message has been sent but are they listening? not one jot, they are adding numbers together to justify their stance to remain.

The other point is what will it cost i presume they will require a legal team to fight the application so it will be us joe public who will pay huge amounts of money to satisfy there ego's

24 May 2019

I wonder if they succeed they will be happy to pay for all the damage the next time i get flooded with sea water.

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