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Well i have decided to vote for the first candidate who rings my doorbell.

25 Apr 2019

Same old empty promises, we hear the same old thing over and over and do they ever deliver in my opinion they always end up doing the opposite.

Some of the worst offenders are shop and cafe owners who stand outside to have a fag and then throw it in the gutter, and they will be the first to moan if visitor numbers are down.

21 Apr 2019

There are dozens of fag ends all along Brunswick Place i heard visitor comment only a half hour ago "what a dirty little place Dawlish has become"

Cynets on the Brook.
20 Apr 2019

It happened overnight the parents woke me up at 3am going mad definately a fox.

20 Apr 2019

They were killed by a fox.

So can we get back to ANOTHER BREXIT BETRAYAL.

16 Apr 2019

S How would the nurse know the person was transgender she was being polite by saying sir, it's impossible to know is it not. I didn't mean they should keep quiet but should have made it clear to the nurse they were transgender but no they had to go to management and stir the proverbial s**t. And why do we need more education is LGBTTTQQIAA not correct but of course its hard to know as it seems to ...

16 Apr 2019

Sorry i should have said LGBTTTQQIAA community.

16 Apr 2019

The point is why did the transgender person not just inform the nurse in question instead of making a song and dance about it, again this sort of behaviour breeds resentment towards the LGBTQ community.

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