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The Stars & Stripes
27 Apr 2018

Has he fixed the problem or have the Chinese been having a word on the side with Kim Jong-Un and told him to wind his neck in.

The average rent for  a one bed flat in central London £2,430 per month

27 Apr 2018

I notice they dont include the cost of rent or property prices in there figures.

The Stars & Stripes
26 Apr 2018

Friday the 13th

The question is have they the evidence to take action a person with a dog who no one seems to know or recognise no CCTV no name just a bloke with a dog who could be from Dawlish but could also be on holliday from Glasgow or Birmingham,York,Doncaster.  So the Police can take a thousand statements they will all differ and without hard evidence it's a dead end and other and more important ...

22 Apr 2018

CCTV what CCTV, is that the one that hardly works doesnt cover the Lawn area and in overcast conditions has little or no function the Police can't be arsed or is it the public who dont want to get involved.

I am very positive Lynne but a realist and the odds say we wont get a new bandstand but will get a playpark me i dont care one way or the other and i look out onto The Lawns every day so one way or the other i will have a change of scenery.

13 Apr 2018

I still dont get what all the fuss is about everybody knows the play park will be built and the bandstand will be the only thing left standing after Russia nukes us.

Lynne they have been talking about a new bandstand for the last 30+ years in the past there has been money available for a new bandstand, these days i could think of better things to spend money on and at the top of the list would be money for flood prevention at the lower end of Dawlish.

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