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General Discussion

Happy Brexit Day
2 Feb 2020

2 Feb 2020

I only holiday in the UK The Lakes, Scotland, Wales, i have spent a lifetime touring the UK and could spend another lifetime visiting places i have never been to and will continue to do so.

31 Jan 2020

The difference is Trump wont be around to long with a bit of luck.

Prophets of Doom
23 Jan 2020 Do i need to say more.

General Soleimani
6 Jan 2020

Can you imagine a drone getting through our air defences say at Heathrow i dont think we have a great deal to worry about and as Paul says the world hasn't changed apart from the death of a prominent terrorist.

Bye Bye 2019
5 Jan 2020

We dont live in a democracy, on the 23rd of June 2016 we had a democratic referendum to remain or leave the EU and the result was to leave. Those who didn't agree with thr result as is acceptable under a democratic system vented there opposition to the result untill a second referendum/election was called for on the 12th December 2019. The result a overwhelming vote yet again to leave the EU if ...

1 Jan 2020

There are 109 new MP's many of them from traditional Labour held seats and the face of the Conservative Party has changed for the good and is now a real voice for the people.

Christmas Greetings
24 Dec 2019

And a very Merry Christmas to you ZIGGY

14 Dec 2019

I am getting on as well Lisa and you are spot on the NHS is a politacal punch bag we need improvements of course we do and maybe now is the time for those improvements to happen.

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