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I dont deal with my mail for 3 days i have a litter picker so i pick it up move that days mail to one side and just leave it in the hallway. Anything that wont fit in the letterbox the postman rings the door bell and leaves it on the doorstep then same procedure i am now on day 22 of isolation and expect to be so for at least 4 months but hey it's only 271 days to Christmas.

You cant get more stupid than this family to allow there child in the brook with a body board i wonder if they know that all the effluent from the sceptic tanks in Ashcombe are in the water. I will add the Police eventually turned up and gave the parents words of advice but they had been there for over a hour and the dog was not on a lead.

27 Mar 2020

8PM CLAP for the NHS
27 Mar 2020

Thats a good idea DEEDOODLE.

27 Mar 2020

I would phone the Police it's people like that who put us all at risk and put pressure on the NHS, and our loved ones will suffer.

26 Mar 2020

This is a poem, written by an 80 year old in isolation. The world has caught a virus but it's nothing you can see so here I am on house arrest in case it's after me! It seems I'm very vulnerable cos my youth is in the past age is the only thing that suddenly works fast! they've banned nice friendly chats to anyone that's near but if I follow all the rules I might ...

I would have thought they have to close down, gatherings of only two people from the same household springs to mind, it would surely send the wrong message if they stayed all bunched together on those benches.

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