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See below extract from minutes of full Dawlish Town Council meeting held last week (6th March). A letter had been received from Teignbridge’s Planning Department regards the preliminary enquiry to the suggestion of siting a playpark near to the Tourist Information Centre on The Lawn. The response was such that if the height was no more than 4m and curtilage was less than 200 cubic metres ...

15 Mar 2019

Thanks. I'll ask one of our district councillors for an explanation then.

15 Mar 2019

@maki1 - is this £75k (S106) money the amount that is presently left from the £200,000 S106 money that Sainsbury's handed over to TDC to be spent on things related to Dawlish town centre as part of the planning permission granted back in 2008/9?

15 Mar 2019

Town Council Elections 2019 Town & District Elections – Thursday, 2 May 2019 Your chance to have YOUR say! Elections to fill 16 vacancies on Dawlish Town Council and 5 vacancies for Teignbridge District Councillors representing Dawlish will take place from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. on Thursday, 2 May 2019. Dawlish Town Council The Town Council consists of three Wards, electing 16 ...

14 Mar 2019

There are local elections on May 2nd both to the town council and to Teignbridge District Council. Election material has already been coming through my letterbox. I've raised the issue of the play park on the lawn on the title of this thread because although it is a contentious issue I have not heard much about it of late. As far as I am aware the wind is blowing in the direction of there ...

Cycle path
11 Mar 2019

Accrording to this it was £1.3million from the Government's Coastal Community Fund that paid for it.

Should the codpiece be hard or soft?

7 Mar 2019

Language is such a dynamic thing. For example, I wonder how long the word Remoaner has been in existence? And who invented it?

7 Mar 2019

@Scapegoat - love the unicorn/lame donkey comparison.  They say a picture paints a thousand words and the imagery conjured up by that comparison says it all. Brilliant. Love it. Perhaps it should be put on the side of a coach that then tours the country.......... BTW - I see our hard Brexit supporting MP is still peddling hard Brexit mythology - this time about Article 24 of GATT.

5 Mar 2019

The Daily Mail?, The Telegraph?, The Sun? The Daily Express? - controlled by Remainers? Really?