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Advice? Information? Ask Cllr Wrigley - he made the comment.

14 Oct 2020

Well, if those towns and parishes are able to continue the service one way or the other by way of help and assistance given by TDC then the decision won't be meaningless one, will it?

Well - what if, what if, similar responses are forthcoming from the Tory shires? (and I bet they are). I wonder then if those Conservative MPs who represent such constituencies will have the bottle to defy the government? Given the numbers in parliament - it will need Tory MPs, and enough Tory MPs,  to rebel and vote this down. If they don't, then vast swathes of Tory voting land will ...

Just received this confirmation from TDC planning department; "I have recently received confirmation from the case officer that the building heights of the above application are all 2 or 2.5 storeys and that no lifetime home designs were bought to our attention by the developer during the planning process".

At the recent Dawlish Town Council meeting Cllr Taylor advised that the housing numbers target that the government set the district council to build had been more than doubled from 720 new homes a year to 1,520 a year. The Council had sent a robust response to government.

With regard to the above report from Cllr Clatworthy, at the recent town council meeting Cllr Gary Taylor, the TDC executive member for planning, told the meeting that: " regards the link road bridge from Langdon Hospital to Shutterton , an application had now been made."

Cllr Wrigley told the meeting that: The Rural Skip service was to finish as Teignbridge balanced its statutory obligations against discretionary services. It would offer help and assistance to those towns and parishes that wished to continue offering the service in some way going forward.

14 Oct 2020

At the recent town council meeting the town clerk reported that: Teignbridge District Council had this week taken the decision to cease providing the rural skip service as a cost saving measure. He had requested figures from Teignbridge as to how much the three sites in the Dawlish parish cost so that the appropriate Committee could look to investigate potentially providing a similar ...

Just to point out that having checked through the planning docs it seems that all the new housing on this particular site will be just that - houses. No bungalows, no flats and no lifetime housing. So if you are a wheel chair user/have walking difficulties/respiratory issues etc which make using stairs a big No No, will there be anything built to suit your needs? And the answer ...

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