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02 Nov 2023 16:41

%uD83C%uDF0AOwing to damage caused by Storm Ciaran, sections of the walkway along the old sea wall are closed:
%u274CBetween Coastguard’s and Red Rock, Langstone, at Dawlish.
%u274CBetween Smugglers Cove and Sprey Point towards Teignmouth.
%u26A0%uFE0FBarriers are being put in place and the walkways are closed until further notice.
%uD83D%uDE4FThank you for your patience while we carry out repairs.


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05 Nov 2023 06:24

And that damage was done by a storm not coming in from the east.

What might happen should we have a storm of similar strength or more that does come from the east? Especially to those areas that are flat and/or below sea level.

Damage? Floods?

Wakey! Wakey! Dawlish Warren and Starcross.


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