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black lives matter
5 Jun 2020

Lots of other sources give history of relations between black and white americans and the information is on them is extremely similar to that found on that Wiki link. For those that are interested just type in the words Jim Crow and then read what comes up.

4 Jun 2020

Now there's a thought.................!!!!! (One scheduled for Exeter (Flowerpot Playing Fields) this Sat (6th June) between 5pm and 7pm. Please wear face masks and obey social distancing requirements).

4 Jun 2020

Just watching a PBS America series (last one on tomorrow night) concerning American Reconstruction after the American Civil War. Very informative about the history of black americans and white americans. No doubt though you'll be telling me that that source is also unreliable.

4 Jun 2020

As well as the literal meaning of Black Lives Matter (referring to Black people being killed simply because of the colour of their skin) there is also the wider meaning in the sense of quality of life. When white terrorists bomb a black church and kill five black children, that is an act of individual racism, widely deplored by most segments of the society. But when in that same city – ...

In last week's Gazette, Mel Stride, the MP for the adjoining constituency gave information to businesses concerning precautionary measures to take in the event of a hard Brexit. So, what I would like to know is this:, why hasn't AMM done the same thing for her constituents ,on, say, the impact of a No Deal hard Brexit on the nation's food supply given how much she advocates such a No Deal.

Snowflake society? I don't think so! Riots on the streets more like.

1 Jan 2019

Obesity be cut down? I don't think so! Britain’s post-Brexit trade deal with the United States could lead to even higher rates of obesity through the import of American foods high in fat and sugar, children’s doctors have warned.

1 Jan 2019

Just imagine the uproar, the hullabaloo, Should our food end up rationed as per World War Two

30 Dec 2018

From looking at the press release found via the link I've given above, it seems the briefing paper (which can also be accessed by the link I've given above) has been sent to all councils. So DCC and TDC councillors take note (and even, perhaps, DTC councillors?) Perhaps The Lawn in Dawlish might become a communal allotment after all........

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