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Perhaps the fencing (sorry don't know proper name for it) along the pavement could be extended further down towards Harrison's? I don't drive very often but when I do it is usually to the station and back and I cannot tell you the number of times I have come across people crossing the main road between where the fencing stops near Emerald Deco and the road crossing just a bit further down. I ...

Museum Faces Closure
20 Jun 2013

Found this on Wikipedia about T'mouth museum's funding. "The town's newest public building is the Teignmouth and Shaldon museum completed in 2011. It comprises an architecturally iconic extension of the existing 18th century museum building, with new roof terrace looking over the town, glass tower and community facility. Some of the exhibits include a restored bathing machine; artefacts from ...

20 Jun 2013

Just some observations. Before I lived here but came here on holiday I had no idea that the museum existed. I've lived here very nearly 7 years now and still haven't visited it. Now, given that museums are places that I would be likely to visit as a holiday maker on a rainy day I've asked myself why I've never gone to the one in Dawlish. Some thoughts: It's not in the town ...

As we've been having lots of chat one way or the other about transport and traffic it seems an opportune time to let you all know about a Sustainable Transport Users' Group that Dawlish Transition are keen to set up. To get the ball rolling for the Transition group I offered to start this thread so that if anyone has any comments they like to make/would like to be involved with the group you ...

I feel I have to apologise for not taking the above seriously but.......... surely there's a joke there somewhere about it being a load of b/s. (Sorry,  just couldn't resist milking the story).

Well done all at Dawlish Community College.

Wonder if any of the patients/inmates suffer from multipersonality disorder?

25 Apr 2013

I understand that over the next 20 years or so it's planned that a lot of house building will take place quite near to it and very useful it will be too for those who live in these new houses if they work at the hospital - as the houses and the hospital will be in walking distance of each other.

8 Apr 2013

Glad you had a good time. Here's a little something to remind you of your holiday.

See this week's Dawlish Gazette for the latest on this (it's the front page story so you can't miss it!)

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