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Dawlish News

@Mcjrpc - yes believe you are correct. that cafe was owned by tdc. holman's won tender to run it. (and see posts above where ownership by tdc is mentioned). Let's hope local government bureaucracy doesn't delay its being rebuilt. If TDC quote lack of funds etc re their being able to rebuild it then perhaps their bluff can be called by donations of money/labour/materials being offered. It's ...

26 Apr 2014

@ALLEMS - i think the posting on this thread from the owners (see above) was posted by roberta who i suspect cut and pasted it from eyes of dawlish. is that right roberta? expect owners of rock pool cafe distraught at the moment but if someone who knows them could ask them if they are up for a rebuild if money/labour/materials etc are donated perhaps their (holman's) response could be put on here ...

26 Apr 2014

Good idea Allems. Just been reading Eyes of Dawlish where suggestions are being made that a fund be set up to help finance a rebuild. Should the owners be sounded out first though to see if they are interested in this happening?

26 Apr 2014

Is this the beach cafe situated by the viaduct on the sea side? (just looked on Eyes of Dawlish - seems it was the one further along at Coryton Cove - The Rock Pool Cafe - that was burnt to the ground).

As Clive has already said in his post (see above) a cost benefit analysis may have shown that the money would be more than recouped by the boost the cyclists will bring to the local economy. Also of course, cycling being a way of keeping fit and healthy, there could be a cost benefit to the NHS.

Yeah - I heard something along those lines from someone I know who is part of the 'orange army'. Wonder if it will delay the reopening of the line?

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3 Mar 2014

Aren't the bars and restaurants at Westminster subsidised?

2 Mar 2014

@stephen15 - thank you for the step by step guidance. have now found it. will post the link on separate thread. thank you once again.

1 Mar 2014

@stephen15 - can you send me a link please. all i can find is this

1 Mar 2014

FB - my thoughts, for what they are worth, on your post above. Oh dear what a half empty glass you have. There has been lots of discussion on this website and no doubt elsewhere as to the need to improve the sea defences. What happened last month has brought it home just how much the sea defences are needed and that they need improving. Perhaps you haven't read the postings on here or read ...

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