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Dawlish News

Dawlish News
Dawlish News
25 Aug 2015 13:21

After reporting strong figures in their first financial year, Redrow's operating division covering the region is now looking to build 630 new homes a year over the next three years.

Among Redrow's developments currently on sale in the region are: Bishops Court and The Harringtons in Exeter, Stanbury Meadows and Howton Rise in Newton Abbot, Moorland Reach in Kingsteignton, Glenwood Park in Barnstaple, College Park in Bideford, Clifton Heights in Holsworthy, Otter Grange in Ottery St Mary, Warren Grove in Dawlish, and Vision and Hillcrest in Plymouth.


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Robert Vickery
Robert Vickery
27 Aug 2015 17:21

Let's hope they go about it in a more intelligent way than their offering to Dawlish of an estate of Arts & Crafts inspired house types which got a torrid response from the Town Council Planning Committee. I'm waiting for them to market global cooling versions.

28 Aug 2015 08:46

Redrow now advertising their houses for sale at Warren Grove (Shutterton Park).

Click on this and then scroll down.

Has the Sangs requirement been sorted out then?


01 Sep 2015 14:45

This is what the Inspector's Report of June 2013 said about the Warren Grove development and SANGS.


"10.7 In addition, the s.106 Agreement makes provision for financial contributions

toward the acquisition, maintenance and management of SANGS, to mitigate

the impact that recreational use by future occupiers of the proposed dwellings

might otherwise have on the SPA and SAC. The total of the contributions

would be calculated in accordance with the JIA. The Council has identified the

Dawlish Coastal Park as its preferred site for the provision of SANGS, but since

there is some doubt as to the timetable for its delivery [8.41], the s.106

Agreement contains provisions to ensure that the phasing of the development,

and occupation of the dwellings, would be in step with the delivery of

commensurate amounts of SANGS. As an alternative, if the Council were

unable to acquire and provide its intended SANGS in time, the S.106

Agreement makes provision for the owner of the appeal site to provide SANGS

on other land, with the prior approval of (and for eventual transfer to) the

Council. The phasing and occupation of the development would again be linked to the delivery of commensurate amounts of SANGS."




"12.64 I am satisfied that the terms of the S.106 Agreement entered into by the

appellant and the Council [INQ 21] ensure that adequate provision of SANGS

would be put in place prior to the occupation of the proposed dwellings [10.5 –

10.7], and the other relevant financial contributions would be paid at

appropriate stages of the development"


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