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Dawlish News

Some more info: (posted by someone, not me, on another website). Wonder if MV will get hot under the collar about my giving out this piece of info? eh? Have now managed to speak to Teignbridge Commmunications Officer, Emma Piercy, who seems to be co-ordinating much of the travel side of the BBC R1 weekend. I understand that letters have been delivered to those roads which abut Sandy ...

19 May 2016

Not getting hot under the collar at all MV. Merely pointing out the timing of the last train back to Dawlish and points west vis-a-vis the time the headline act is due to finish. Thought it might be of interest to those intending, or know of those intending, to travel to the gig and back by train.

18 May 2016

Train times: According to the Gaz the headline acts should finish their sets by 10.00pm. (but it could always be a bit later I guess) How long will it take to leave Powderham and walk along to Starcross station given the crowds? The last train going in the Newton Abbot (and therefore Dawlish and T'mouth direction) will leave Starcross at 10.44pm. A GWR spokesperson said: " I would urge ...

18 May 2016

Lots of info in today's Gazette about the Highways and transport issues. Users of Sandy Lane Playing Fields please note - according to the paper, the fields will be available for up to 1,200 cars.

18 May 2016

@MV - I am not the only one who is expressing concern about many aspects of this whole thing. (and for once, and probably the only time, I find myself in agreement with burneside). LOL!

I am not suggesting that new houses be given away. It is the government that is 'giving away' Starter Homes up to the tune of a 20% discount on the price of each one. I am talking about homes for those who cannot afford to buy (even allowing for that 20% discount) and who therefore need to rent. In other words I am talking about affordable rental housing (housing with rents no more than 80% of ...

17 May 2016

And what about new housing for those who cannot afford to buy (even with a 20%) reduction in the price. What about them then eh?

MV - It concerns me because I know people who are going. And even if I didn't (know people who are going) it would still concern me. Will you be there then?

17 May 2016

and I wonder how much the food and drink that can only to be bought on site will cost? Still, it's a 'free' concert so ought not to grumble.

17 May 2016

@Morty Vicker re your post dated 12.5.16 21:18 Any chance you could post the text of that letter on here or post a link that would take us to the text? And should anyone go to that meeting tomorrow (18th) in Kenton about all of this a report back on here would, I am sure, be of great interest to many .

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