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From that link above "In Dawlish, £4.2million will support the delivery of a new bridge and a new section of a link road. It will provide a high-quality link to community facilities at either end for residents."

I don't have a short memory at all. I am perfectly aware that some properties were occupied before they should have been as there should have been a SANGS in place. This was then rectified on a temporary basis. The need for a SANGS originated, still does originate, from EU legislation concerning environmental protection. The developers, like all developers, will have paid a certain ...

7 Jan 2018

Can you prove any of the above FB?

Okay't all TDC car parks off road? What does Section 55 etc etc say as to how such revenues should be spent?

7 Jan 2018

A couple of questions. Is the revenue gained from Teignbridge owned car parks ring fenced for use on TDC car parks or can it be spent anyway TDC likes? How much does it cost TDC each year to maintain its car parks and from where does the required money come?

from Devonlive website 16:05 Police statement on Dawlish crash in full · Police, fire and ambulance called to a two-vehicle RTC on Teignmouth Road, Dawlish, at 3.05pm today [28 December]. · Involves a Skoda Yeti and a double decker bus. · No injuries listed at this time. · RTC has caused a large diesel spill as the bus fuel tank has been ruptured. · We would ...

Isn't this 'old' news?

I thought the financial mess of some 10 years ago (but still with us now) started over Stateside with the advent of sub prime mortgages. There is a very good film (well I think so) that covers this time in the States. If those interested in how the US financial whizz kids caused all this I would highly recommend watching The Big Short.

1 Nov 2017

@Calamari - usually the finger of blame is pointed at the last Labour government and/or the  EU.

Even though only 680 residents responded, given what is being claimed from that figure (that 77% of Dawlish residents are in support of there being a playpark on the lawn) I think it is important that we have a breakdown of how those 680 residents answered the questions. For example, if I had participated in the questionnaire and had voted  Yes to question 1 and Yes to question 3 would my ...

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