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Dawlish News

Okay - I've found this minute from the TDC Council meeting held on 8th December 2015. 240. EXCLUSION OF THE PRESS & PUBLIC The Chairman recommended that the following resolution be approved: "That under Section 100(A)(4) of the Local Government Act 1972 the Press and Public be excluded from the meeting for the following item(s) of business COUNCIL (8.12.15) 177 on the grounds ...

14 Feb 2016

Does anyone know how much Exeter City Council have stumped up? And as much as I would also like to know more about the decision making by TDC concerning all this, I doubt very much if anything will be forthcoming as I imagine all discussions about it had to take place in Part II of meetings which are confidential and not open to the public. So, we will only ever know what we'll get told. I ...

14 Feb 2016

I just wonder if...........assuming that Powderham is being paid for the use of the estate..............and given that the Courtney's can't be short of a bob or two........well.......I just wonder if ......... in this instance the Courtney's would waive any fees they would normally charge for such an event being staged on their land. Because although I am open to persuasion about the concert ...

14 Feb 2016

Okay, so perhaps the shops in Dawlish (and other parts of Teignbridge) won't benefit financially whilst the Courteney's and their estate will, but perhaps other residents in Teignbridge might benefit  financially in a different way? For example - I wonder what the open market price would be for a ticket to this event if it wasn't free? And if, as MV says, locals get first dibs for these ...

14 Feb 2016

Does anyone know how the £100,000 is to be divvied up? Artist fees? BBC? Powderham Estate? Other? I'm just curious

28 Jan 2016

That link is dated October 29th 2015

Thread already running on this. see

If you click on the link I have given in my post above and then click on associated documents (see bottom left of page underneath the map) you should be able to access what Dawlish Town Council's Planning Committee had to say about this planning application when they met and discussed it last Thursday.

Letter in today's Gazette about sewage problem.

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