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Dawlish News

I'd say it was more a case of a Subway opening in Dawlish provided someone is prepared to take on a Subway franchise (as opposed to Subway itself definitely intending to open a branch in Dawlish).

Unless it's been altered (and I don't think it has) the Local Plan for Dawlish shows that  there is  to be a green 'corridor' betweeen the Gatehouse developments and the development at the Langdon Hospital site.

18 Jul 2017

Where should the green space at the Secmaton Lane development be?

and the traffic chaos then continued after Little Mix performance.

14 Jul 2017

Any chance of some examples of these illegal things that upstanding members of the community apparently get up to? Are we talking speeding? Dropping litter? Smoking things they shouldn't be smoking?

For once (!!!!!!!), I am in agreement with Burneside.

The saga continueth. Whether or not it is the real thing is now being questioned by experts.* See page two of this week's Gazette. (* just to say that I acknowledge there are those who have no time for experts........)

27 Feb 2017

@Liza with a z and not Lisa with an s. When was that then? What did I alter?

24 Feb 2017

To get back to where it may have been kept all this time. If in a bank vault then perhaps with the private bankers C. Hoare &Co? After all isn't there a connection between that bank and Dawlish?,_9th_Baronet

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