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From the minutes of the Dawlish Town Council meeting held 1.9.21. County Cllr Martin Wrigley reported that: " The decision to proceed with the link road had been implemented and work was now underway to compulsory purchase the land required to affect the construction of such;"

Sellers from 9am - Cars £6 online in advance/ £8 on the day. Vans £8 online in advance/£10 on the day Buyers from 10am - free admission Just follow the signs from Powderham Farm Shop car park

Just a reminder

Just travelled back across country from Kent. Kept seeing long queues at petrol stations. Long queues at Sainsbury's petrol station as I write this.

Volunteers may be able to repair all sorts of things. Electrical, Digital, things that need sewing, Welding, Bike Repairs, stuff in general Want to find out more? Contact: 6th Dawlish Fix Fest. Saturday 25th September. The Manor House 9.30am to 2.30pm

“55% of households put items in the general rubbish bin that can be recycled; including food waste, foil, aerosols, and plastic toiletry and cleaning product bottles and trays. This is where we can all ‘Step It Up’ and help fight climate change by recycling. Recycling currently saves 18 million tonnes of CO2 every year, which is the same as taking 12 million cars off the road. ...

17 Sep 2021

A message from primary school children in Dawlish - SAVE OUR PLANET Here are some of their suggestions: If you have a garden, dry your washing there and not in a tumble dryer If you have a garden, make it wildlife friendly If you can, grow your own fruit and veg If possible, stop using single use plastic Shop locally with reuseable shopping bags Pass on things ...

Just checked the website and today's (Thursday 16th) car boot sale is definitely on.

This is from the 2018 Visit South Devon website. Thought I'd post it on here given as it refers so much to how to get around and about without needing a car. How to get to Dawlish Warren Dawlish Warren, situated roughly midway between the pretty harbour village of Cockwood and the town of Dawlish, is not only easily accessible by bus, car, train, bicycle and foot but also by ferry. ...

Gardener Wanted!
14 Sep 2021

@Cat Lover - if you can access Eyes of Dawlish suggest you try asking on there as well.

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