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General Discussion “The coastal towns in Teignbridge comprise Teignmouth and Dawlish which are situated on the eastern boundary of the district. These historic seaside towns are the district’s second and third largest settlements and provide a good range of services and facilities for their communities. ...

Despite Dawlish Town Council's request that this planning application be decided by TDC planning committee this did not happen and the planning application has recently been given approval by a TDC planning officer.

This link shows a picture of Dawlish College.

The site is at Mowlish Lane, roughly 1.5 miles west of Starcross and 3 miles north west of Dawlish. For more info click on this link ;

Tiverton High, Swimbridge Primary, Tipton St John Primary, Whipton Barton Infants, Dawlish College , Tavistock College, and the River Dart Academy, Dartington, are all listed to receive Government funding to help re-build or otherwise improve outdated school properties.

Here is the text of the article that was published in the Dawlish Gazette in August of this year. "New housing very often brings with it young families. The south west is an area where salaries are low and house prices and rents are high. No doubt two salaries are very often needed in order to meet household outgoings. But what happens when the need for child care kicks in? Is it ...

Info here about help with child care costs. ;

The number of lodges had been reduced from 24 to 14. However, the planning application was refused by 9 votes to 1.

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