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General Discussion

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9 Feb 2022

Just to point out that all these new homes have two storeys. So if you need single storey accommodation (for example if you, or someone who lives with you, is a wheelchair user) then this development may not offer anything suitable for your needs.

8 Feb 2022

Prices from £237,000 (2 bed terraced) to £430,000 (4 bed detached)) According to the blurb all are within walking distance of a beach (Hmmmmm.........) Swan Park, New Build Houses For Sale in Devon, EX7 0SB › south-west › swan... Our new development Swan Park offers a range of two, three ...

Been told that some are having difficulty with that link that I've posted above. If so, try copying and pasting it - am told that is another way of accessing the form. Alternatively go to the Dawlish Town Council website.

2 Feb 2022

Some will know that a diseased tree, sited on the lawn, was recently felled and now only its stump is left. Dawlish Town Council would like people to let them know what should happen to the stump. Should it be left as is, or should it be carved into something? You can register your thoughts via this link: ...

Thank you but that doesn't quite answer my question which was: when was the last annual increase? Have now found a link on TDC's website showing proposed fees (2022-2023) and previous fees. Look on page 2 of each fee schedule for info concerning Beach Hut Hire. I cannot see any reference to annual rental charges in the fees  for 2021-22, 2020-2021, and 2019-2020. That is why I am ...

1 Feb 2022

Thank you. Do you know the last time that there was an increase in rent for those renting on an annual basis? (as opposed to daily or weekly).

31 Jan 2022

Okay the absence of any info regarding this proposed increase being on TDC's website if anyone reading this knows someone or knows someone who knows someone (you get the giste) who has received notification from TDC about an increase in rental costs please can that information be posted on here. eg what the charge was in 2021 and what is being proposed for 2022. Thanks.

31 Jan 2022

Thank you Linda. So it isn't a rumour t hen? I did try looking on TDC 's website before I posted but couldn't find anything. So can you give me (and therefore others as well) the link to this info please. Thanks.

31 Jan 2022

As it's a rumour perhaps you might contact one of Dawlish's TDC councillors and see what they have to say. We have five TDC councillors in Dawlish - J. Petherick, L.Petherick, Taylor, Wrigley and Goodman-Bradbury. Take your pick.

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