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General Discussion

30 Apr 2020

Are the national lock down measures nanny state bumf?

Click on this link for Mail online synopsis of the Panorama programme findings:

29 Apr 2020

I have received this. Thought I would repost it on here. It's likely our gardens have been getting much more attention while we remain at home to help the NHS and beat the Corona-virus. It's great for the gardens, but we're also hearing concerns about the number of garden bonfires and residents are asking what the rules are locally. Well, there are no byelaws in Teignbridge against ...

Shaun Sawyer
25 Apr 2020

Yes -I've also seen some 'interesting' interpretations of the 'no households should visit other households' rule where I live. I suspect what is happening is that family members are taking it in turns to look after a very frail and elderly grandparent. But hey! Maybe such visitors are in front of the curve. Check out today's (Sat) lead story in The Mail.

24 Apr 2020

I get that the powers that be are in a dilemma. What to prioritise - the economy or people's lives? But if they prioritise the economy and as a consequence more people contract the virus and are therefore unable to work (and also overload the NHS) won't the economy go down the drain anyway? I also hear the call for us all to wear masks if/when we go out. But how can we all do that when ...

and I have also been known to use foodstuffs after their BBE date. However, as I am sure as I can be that I will not have any use for the three items I have listed anytime between now and, say, the end of Feb 2020 I am looking to find a new home for them. It sticks in my craw however to put food stuffs in the food collection bin that are close to their BBE date. That said, if someone from ...

19 Dec 2019

To say I hate wasting food is to understate. So it would grieve me beyond all bounds to throw away food that someone else might be very grateful for. Going through my cupboards I came across the following unopened items which I know will not be used by the end of this month. Bottle of olive oil Container of powdered milk Sachet of Spag Bog mix Not much I know but my ...

Just a reminder.

6 Dec 2019

If you wish to submit a question this must be done before the event via  this email address: Deadline for receipt of questions is midnight Sunday 8th December.

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